How Pheditor’s Deep Etching Service Can Benefit You
How Pheditor’s Deep Etching Service Can Benefit You

How Pheditor’s Deep Etching Service Can Benefit You

You own an eCommerce business and just received a new shipment of products. While you have a good photography setup going on, maybe you rushed through the photos, only to realise you have some distracting clutter in the background. Or that the wallpaper washes out the vibrancy of your products.

Whatever it is, it’s detracted from your images, and maybe you don’t have the time or right equipment or setting to retake the photos to your standards. You need high-quality edits, and you need them pronto. Thankfully, Pheditor is here to the rescue.

How can we help make your life a lot easier? We’ll show you in this article.

It’ll be easier to follow various guidelines

Every platform has its own lengthy image requirements , which can be quite an obstacle when you want to sell your products across multiple websites. You can spend tonnes of time fixing up an image for one, only to find that it’s not the right specifications for another.

With professional deep etching service from Pheditor, you’ll get a base image that you can put on practically all eCommerce platforms. Deep etching isolates the essential parts and gives you a “blank canvas.” Since you’ll have just the base product photo, it’ll be easier to build up the picture around platform guidelines rather than edit down an image to fit the constraints. Since it’s in its simplest form, you can just put the product picture on a white background and move on.

Save time

If you try and learn to deep etch on your own, it can take an absurd amount of time to get each image just right. And if you hire a freelance graphic editor, they may be busy with other projects, which means you may not get your finished images quickly. As a result, this can delay the release of new products on your eCommerce site.

Pheditor can have your product photos done in around two working days, and that’s just with the regular package! If you choose the lightning package, you can receive your images in less than one working day. When you’re working with tight deadlines, this can make all the difference and be worth every cent you spend.

Our team is also used for processing high volume orders. So whether you have 10 images or hundreds of them, you can be confident you’ll get amazing results within a few days time.

Save money

Most freelance graphic editors charge by the hour. Plus they have minimum charges, which means even if they take less than 1 hour to edit your images, you’ll still have to pay for at least an hour or two. Consequently, deep etching images can end up costing you a pretty penny, which is something that may not be within your budget. Using your in-house graphic designer can also eat up precious resources; they could be spending their time focusing on more important projects.

Pheditor does deep etching online for as little as $2.00 an image, and we offer volume discounts too! All you need to do is allocate a little bit of your spending towards this service, and we can take a whole load off your shoulders, as well as your in-house graphic designer’s. The best thing is you won’t have to offer up your firstborn to pay for this service.

Confidently receive high-quality images

So let’s say you learned how to deep etch by yourself, which means you don’t have to pay a third party to do it for you. But this photo editing technique is so much more than just isolating parts of an image. Without the proper skills and experience, your end result can look poorly and cost you some potential sales.

Customers make decisions on online purchases almost solely through the pictures they see, so you want your product images to look impeccable. Since Pheditor’s team is highly experienced in deep etching images, you can trust that the product photos they produce will draw your customers’ attention.

Get versatility in your backgrounds

How many times have you taken a picture of your product, then restaged it with various backgrounds? While this may be the ideal way to get a good range of photos to use across different eCommerce platforms, it’s not the best use of you or your employees’ time.

With deep etching, you’ll have a clean image to work with, which means the sky’s the limit for your choice in backgrounds. Whether you want to keep it simple with a solid colour, or you want to explore your creativity with a psychedelic backdrop, you can achieve whatever it is you wish with a deep-etched product photo.

This type of product image can be incredibly beneficial should you discontinue selling something and decide to stock it again. You’ll have a file of the product on its own, which means you can manipulate the backdrop to fit whatever platform you sell on in the future.

How it works

If you want deep etching done for your product photos, it’s wonderfully easy to do. Gather up your images, upload them onto Pheditor, and we’ll work our magic. Not only can we do deep etching, but our pros can also perform colour correction, hair masking, skin retouching, photo retouching, adding or removing objects; you name it, we can do it.

Once we’re done transforming your images, you’ll receive them in a timely fashion. In fact, we have a guaranteed deadline, so you know exactly when to expect the finished products. At just $2.00 a pop for standard photo editing, you’re getting an absolute steal.

Stop slaving away on editing your product images by yourself. Give Pheditor a try today; upload up to 3 images for free!