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July 19, 2017, 5:12 p.m.

You've probably been there a hundred times; great image, ruined by a hopeless background. Or maybe you're doing a photo shoot, and want your latest gizmo to stand out against a flawless plain background, but don't want to spend a fortune on a pro and a studio? Or you're creating a catalogue, and are looking for clean, pristine images against a white background to dazzle your buyers?

There are a million reasons why you need to get rid of unwanted background clutter. Clutter that kills the impact of the subject you really want your customers to see - your product. Photos which concentrate the viewer's eye on the subject are stronger, more compelling, and sell more goods. And once the clutter's gone, we can replace it with anything you like, from a clean white background to a transparent background, a solid colour, or a textured effect like wood.

Don't Do It Yourself!

Cheap photo editing software might (or might not) get the job done, but even if it works it won't look good. There's nothing worse in an advert or a catalogue than a cheap, tacky looking image. It makes your products look cheap and tacky too.

For professional results you need professional software and know-how. Which is where we come in. We are experts in removing background clutter to give you perfect, flawless images every time. We have the advanced image editing software to produce top quality pictures, and the experience to ensure we always get great results. Plus we do it all at a surprisingly low cost.

To get brilliant images, just choose one of our great value packages.

Pheditor Online Editor has four big advantages:

The best way to see how it all works, and the amazing results, is to place a trial order. You'll be delighted with the results!

Our background removal service is brilliant for:

For regular customers we offer discounts and bonuses. Ask for details!

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