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What the heck is Pheditor?

In a nutshell, we take your digital photos (.jpg, .png, .gif) and edit out the junk you don’t want anyone else to see.

How does Pheditor work?

It’s amazingly easy. You upload your images to us, we go to work removing the background or any unwanted items in each photo and then we send the cleaned-up and improved images back to you.

Why do I need Pheditor?

If you’re trying to sell products and have printed or online product catalogues, it’s not the greatest look when that picture of your award winning cake has fly sitting on a chocolate ball. Or perhaps your new beach towel product photos, have two adorable kids sitting on your top-selling towel but also has a not-so-beautiful guy sporting a way-too-tight-fitting pair of budgies in the background. This is where we come in and provide you with product pictures that look hot, sexy and professional.

Can I afford to use Pheditor?

You can’t afford not to! For starters, our prices are ridiculously low and our work is done monstrously fast. It just makes business and common sense that professionally-edited photos are a much better way to showcase all your stuff. Now you don’t need to waste your own time trying to edit photos which can end up looking amateurish. Leave it to the professionals – US! We can do this all for you faster than you can say “Damn, that photo looks awesome”.

What other problems can Pheditor solve for me?

While we can’t fix your relationship or help train your dog, we can do a lot of cool things to spruce up your digital photos:

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